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Drawers were not generally worn during the early 19th century by most British women. It was more convenient to wear long hose, stockings, and layers of petticoats under their skirts. These were close-fitting and crafted of flesh coloured material to create an illusion of nudity under the dress. It can be confusing when reading about clothes in those times because sometimes drawers and trousers are underwear, other times outerwear for men.

Pantalettes were generally decorated down by the ankles and meant to be seen. Leglets, a cuff of lace attached by buttons, was a popular and practical way to decorate the exposed part of the legs. By the s the huge belled dresses ladies were wearing usually requiring crinoline cages meant something had to be worn, lest the embarrassment that might accompany a fall or gust of wind; even a staircase or climbing in a carriage might reveal too much.

A French ink and watercolour from the s, showing women struggling in a first-class train carriage. The girl in the middle might be about to take an embarrassing tumble. Note that she is grabbing a hat brim cord, these were installed for hat storage in carriages. Women who embraced the crinoline fashion craze suffered a great deal of inconvenience in their daily lives and mockery from satirical cartoonists. Another issue for the ladies was warmth, for they had shed layers of petticoats.

A great many of the travelling, riding, and walking suits maintained the practical smaller profile with petticoats, and were favoured by many women, Kate Tattersall included. However, to appear at the grand balls or high society social functions, every lady had to possess a few extravagant gowns and, therefore, decent drawers.

Most drawers for women in the mid s were split leggings and about knee length. Each leg was finished separately and joined together at the waistband only, leaving the crotch seam open, but crafted so there was a bit of an overlap. They usually had a drawstring at the waist and tied or buttoned at the centre back, but sometimes in the front.

Drawers were made of various materials, white linen very popular and often trimmed with lace, but plain cotton was the most affordable. Linen held up well in the times of strong lye soaps. It was noted in that women who rode frequently wore flannel or wash-leather drawers, with or without white calico leglets. The chahut , which began as a rowdy dance for couples in the s and evolved into the cancan by about , may have been one of the reasons little buttons started to be used as an option to hold drawers closed, London usually following the Parisian fashion innovations and trends by about a decade.

The truly risqué dancers wore nothing, and were banned from respectable dance halls. However, women were wearing trousers on a regular basis, so the doctors were obviously ignored by countless members of the fairer sex who could think for themselves.

The ladies who paraded in public wearing bloomers suffered mockery from newspapers and satirical cartoonists akin to their crinoline opting sisters. To read more about Victorian women in trousers click here.

Fashion drawing, early s. She looks lovely, and this would have been an expensive outfit. Kate Tattersall did not care for the bloomer fashions, preferring her long skirts and dresses when in society, but she wore breeches riding pants on many occasions for practical purposes.

This probably led Kate to having special under-shorts made. Perhaps these had buttons or a sewn crotch seam? If so, she was a decade ahead of fashion, likely adapting standard split-drawers to achieve her desired garment. By the s this sort of silk or fine linen under-shorts was available for wealthy ladies at all the best shops, and less expensive cotton versions were mass produced thanks to the sewing machine and sold in general stores; short, long, laced, and plain.

Split drawers continued to be popular, produced up until the s, ideal for women who still chose to wear corsets. Safari - We support version 5 or above. Chrome - We support version 16 or above. Opera - We support version 17 or above. We don't believe in sales; we believe in rewards. Every additional item in your cart means you're getting a better deal. Better underwear is softer with just the right amount of freedom and support. We engineered our own fabric and spent over 10, hours to make sure our underwear is more comfortable for you.

Shorts should be neither too long nor too short. The hem of appropriately-cut shorts should fall just above the knee when you're standing up straight, and should be no more than an inch or two higher when you're seated. If you're curious about whether or not you can pull off either of these styles, it's probably a safe bet to go traditional and leave the experiments to the trend-setters.

Wear the same waist size as your trousers and use a belt. Shorts should sit on your hips normally, like jeans or trousers.

Always wear an appropriate belt when you wear shorts. Other than looking professional, shorts have a tendency to sag that you want to avoid. Keep your underwear under your shorts and make sure you've got a belt on. Leave your weekend shorts to the weekend. There's nothing wrong with wearing those old soccer shorts while you're sitting around the house watching the game, or keeping on the ratty old cargo shorts you've had since high school while you do the laundry.

But even if you're in the middle of a heat wave, don't wear them out to work on Monday. They should be clean, pressed, and professional. Let khaki trump cargo. Khaki shorts come in many colors and look good on almost all men. Unless you live in the Bahamas, trying to rock cargo shorts, board shorts, or jean shorts past the age of your early 20s won't make you look younger, it'll make you look like you can't dress yourself.

Khaki shorts pair well with casual styles and more professional looks, as well. It's a good investment and more recommended than other styles. When in doubt, go for mute colors.

Beige, gray, navy, and black shorts will always be in style. The bright pink pair you picked up for the yacht trip might spend a lot of time at the back of the closet. If you wear cargo shorts, aim for the smallest possible pocket, in inverse proportion to your age. If you're in your 50s, that pocket needs to be incredibly small.

If you're 15, you can get away with larger pockets. Pair shorts with the appropriate kind of shoes and socks.

Wear shorts with low-top loafers and low-cut socks to get the right kind of stylish look. Wearing pulled-up white socks looks goofy, even if you're a German tourist, and high-top shoes have a tendency to make your legs look stubby and short. Unless you're on the basketball court, opt for low-tops. Wear them up on your hips. Slip the shorts over the waistline about two to three inches and pull the drawstring to tighten them.

The elastic waist should sit comfortably above the hips, while the hem should sit just above the knee.

If you want to sag, do it carefully. Slip on the shorts up to your pubic line. Make sure the back of the waistband is just below the "fault line," so to speak, but tight to your body, using the drawstring to secure the shorts as you walk. To get them to stay, combine fairly large boxer shorts with a tight drawstring to get them to stay without having to constantly tug at them and pull them up. Get the right size. If shorts are the perfect size, you don't really have to mess with the drawstring.


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