Meet Lucky Blue: This 16-Year-Old Mormon Male Model Has Instagram Swooning

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Understandably, Smith is embracing his One Direction -esque fame, posting his whereabouts on Instagram so admirers can meet him after shows. They needed a boy toy. About the photo shoot.

Lucky Blue Smith lives up to his name. The year-old male model, who happens to be a Mormon, is the fortunate owner of a stunning set of blue eyes that have helped him woo his growing Instagram.
Jan 27,  · Epic Photoshoot with Top Model Lucky Blue. Lucky Blue thinks this photoshoot is going to be normal, but he is in for an eye-opening surprise. As the top male model, he may need a .
Lucky Daniels wasted no time in catapulting himself into the hearts and erections of the Randy Blue viewers. With his luscious dark complexion, big thick dick and amazing body he is responsible for tons of spunk splashes on computer screens everywhere.
The Strike King Pro Model Lucky Shad interested me at first sight. I won’t go as far to say it was “love” for fear of moving too fast, but its beautiful finishes and streamlined profile did.
Who is Lucky Blue Smith? The year-old Mormon pretty male model with icy blue eyes has more than , Instagram followers and has been likened to the Ju.

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Both guys have amazing worked out muscle jock bodies and both are total pros at making some of the hottest gay porn on the net. There's just something so hot about the way Lucky looks up into Jarrett's eyes while he works that big thick cock of his. And Jarrett has just the right amount of attitude, taking Lucky's amazing cocksucking skills in stride. But you know it's all an act because when he flips him over and starts ramming his huge dick deep into Lucky's hungry hole he's got the look of a wild animal in heat.

Lucky gets his ass plowed so hard that he didn't want to stop. And before you know it they're spewing their steamy hot loads all over the place. For those who are have had a masseur make a house call, you know how relaxing it is to have those big strong hands kneading at your tight muscles. And it's also quite erotic having another man's hands touching and teasing you while sprawled out on the massage table.

And when the masseur is that special kind who gives more than your standard massage, you know it's going to get really hot. When Lucky Daniels told me he had training in massage I immediately started thinking dirty, and when Cayden Ross chimed in 'you can give me a massage anytime, especially if you're naked' then I knew it wasn't just me.

The next thing I knew we had the cameras rolling and a very excited Lucky getting to explore every inch of Cayden's sexy muscle jock body. Running his hands down his beautiful back to his hot bubble butt, Lucky decided to use one of his favorite toys to work Cayden's hungry hole. But the real excitement came when he got a chance to suck that monster cock he's been hearing so much about.

And to Lucky's credit, he's such an excellent cocksucker that he got almost all of it down his talented throat. And since everyone's been wanting to see Cayden top, who better than to give him a powerbottom like Lucky to pound with his massive dick.

Lucky Daniels loves to suck cock and does it so well. I've been wanting to give Lucky a double whammy for some time now and the thought of throwing him on a bed with Alex Eden and Ryan Rockford totally got my rocks off.

He starts off with a little double dong action, sucking both of them off at the same time. Two cocks, no waiting. Then you are treated to a little Lucky In The Middle as he deep throats Ryan's delicious cock from the front and engulfs Alex's stiff dick from the rear. Later, Lucky rides the Rockford rod while Alex playfully smacks Ryan in the face with his own huge prick.

These three really turn up the heat and you can tell they love every minute of it. You can expect some heavy hardcore fucking from these studs with thick muscle jock bodies. Chris Bines has such a great laid back air about him. He seems like he can take anything that's thrown at him and then some and never think twice. He wasn't sure about doing a scene with another guy when he started out but the more he's been around the other guys the more comfortable he's become with the idea.

Lucky Daniels, on the other hand, is a big ball of sexual energy. If you even hint at the possibility of doing something in a scene he'll jump at the chance. I could tell that Chris was a little nervous but Lucky has a way of making you feel at ease because of his bright personality.

And both of them have such great bodies that compliment each other in so many ways. And with Lucky going down on Chris' huge hard cock you could see it in his face that Chris was learning a lesson in how good another guy is at giving head. Especially Lucky, who really knows how to suck a cock.

And they both got into it so much that when it was time for them to shoot their loads neither one could hold back any longer. The chemistry between Lucky Daniels and Topher DiMaggio is obvious the minute they appear on screen together. These guys had so much fun hanging out that when it came time to film their scene I didn't have to do anything. It was one of those magical days where I just got to turn on the camera and sit back and watch.

And I had to keep close watch on them before we began because every time I turned my back they were busy playing tonsil hockey. I had to make sure they didn't sneak off for a quick fuck because I wanted them to save all their juicy goodness for you guys. But I don't mind the frustration of keeping two horndogs apart before a shoot because it usually means that once I flip that camera switch it will be like releasing caged tigers.

Lucky is in excellent shape, but then again he always is, and is looking absolutely perfect. While Topher's smooth, lean body has inspired hardon after hardon. Putting them together was a great idea because in addition to being so turned on by each other they almost sprayed the camera lens with sweat and semen, they also look incredibly hot together.

And just hearing Lucky's deep moans as Topher rammed his beautiful cock deep in his manhole is enough to get you off. But there's no shortage of cum in this video, because after Lucky shoots a huge load all over his stomach, Topher sprays him down with an orgasm so intense you can actually feel him coming. We had so much fun putting together our recent circle jerk video with our new crop of Randy Blue all stars that I though, why not put together a group of the big guns for a real balls to the wall orgy.

These guys are the ones everybody asks about. They've all done several videos, live shows and public events and each one has some special kind of hotness they bring to the table each time they do something.

And when I put together an orgy, I think of it as a living thing. As if I were Dr. Frankenstein creating the perfect beast. Eddie Diaz is pure sex. The man walks into a room and you can almost hear the hard-ons popping up all around him. His adorable features, lean, tight, muscular body and monster dick make him quite a thing of beauty, but his passionate sexual energy make him the heart of any sexual encounter.

And if Eddie is the heart, then Lucky Daniels is the personality. Aside from having an amazing body, when Lucky turns on the charm there's not a man around who can resist him. Watching him dancing at a local club event the other night you could see him holding the whole crowd in the palm of his hands. And if you have a heart and personality, you'll need brains.

That's where Colby Keller comes in. Not to say he's your average brainy bookworm, but quite the contrary. Colby has a unique style all his own, with his handsome scruffy face and tall athletic body. He won't unleash a raw animal passion on you, but rather a well thought out plan of attack that will have you rock hard and on the verge of cumming before you even realize what's happening to you.

And after brains comes brawn. Leo Giamani and Jeremy Walker could be Greek statues, their perfect bodies, muscles for days, handsome chiseled features and cocks that might scare away a novice bottom but would offer a welcome challenge to anyone that loves to get fucked.

As much as I've wanted to I haven't had a chance to get these two gorgeous hunks of manmeat together so I'm thrilled that they could be the perfect muscle to round out this killer combo. So, once the beast was assembled all it took was to let it loose.

These guys knew exactly what to do and what you will see will blow you away. Gym showers, glory holes, sucking and fucking, all with a group of the hottest Randy Blue models. Grab some lube and a cum towel, you're going to need it! I had no idea that putting Johnny Angel and Lucky Daniels in a room together would be like mixing two different types of gunpowder and lighting it on fire Anyone who saw their appearance together on Randy Blue Live can tell you it was one of the strangest shows we've done.

Johnny is such a spitfire, full of life and energy. He was telling Lucky about his interest in wrestling before the show and once the cameras were rolling he couldn't stop slamming him on the bed. Two naked guys wrestling on camera, it was strangely erotic.

Definitely something you don't see every day on Randy Blue. People kept asking me if these guys had hooked up before the show because of the amazing energy they had together. Well to everyone who asked, today's update will answer all your questions. Before all the wrestling, horsing around, and giggling there was the afternoon they spent alone with Lucky giving Johnny his very first man on man action.

Up until this point, Johnny had only ever kissed another guy. He had never had a chance to hook up with someone, especially not with someone as hot as Lucky Daniels. You can tell how attracted they are to each other and there is something so incredible about watching a guy who's just starting to explore his sexual interests having his first ever blowjob buy a hot porn model.

And as much as Johnny admires Lucky, he's got a lot going for himself. His adorable face and great body obviously had Lucky's attention. Watch this video then check out the archives for their live show. It's two very different experiences that go well together. Bio Videos 20 Photos 20 About me. Hot muscle jock Jarett Rex fucks Lucky Daniels' hungry hole. By original website source: My viewers' 'Peter Meter' ratings: Claire C from abbywinters.

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