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The Skew Correction function alters any photo that was taken at an angle so it appears as if it were taken directly in front of you. The start-up time from turning the Ricoh GR II on to being ready to take a photo is responsive at around 1 second. If a page has more than 10 images, this may mean they are being used incorrectly.

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In practice it produces a subtle but noticeable effect that is particularly useful for capturing more natural portraits when using flash. New to the GR II is the Color Temperature Extension white balance mode, which makes it possible to emphasize a predominant color within the image, such as the red in sunset scenes.

The GR II also now offers wireless flash functionality. Both text and images really come alive on a simply breath-taking display that's one of the best of any camera that we've ever reviewed. It also has an automatic brightness adjustment function which as the name suggests automatically matches the screen's brightness to your surroundings. If you don't like composing your photos by holding the camera at arms length and looking at the LCD screen, there's also another way of framing your shots.

You can additionally buy an optional, completely removable optical viewfinder. The OVF slots into the hot-shoe on top of the camera, allowing you to hold the camera up to your eye and instantly giving the GR II the feel of a single-lens reflex camera. The Dynamic Range Compensation mode records images with greater dynamic range. You can also choose to bracket this feature too. The electronic leveler is a neat feature that helps to ensure level shots while viewing through the LCD monitor, both in landscape and portrait mode.

You can view the horizontal and vertical indicators on the LCD monitor to ensure that shots are aligned along each axis. If you're using the external viewfinder, or can't see the LCD screen in very bright sunlight, then the camera can also be set to make a sound to indicate a level horizon. It doesn't sound like a big deal in theory, but in practice it really helps to make all those wide-angle shots perfectly level. The Depth of field indicator is an equally useful function.

If you set the GR II to either Manual or Aperture priority mode, and the Focus mode to Snap, Manual or Infinity, a vertical scale on the left of the LCD screen indicates the depth-of-field at the current aperture, helping to ensure sharp focus when you're not relying on the camera's auto-focus system. In addition to Bracketing exposure, white balance, effects, dynamic range correction, and contrast , Multiple Exposure and Interval Shooting modes, the Interval Composite mode takes a series of images at a fixed interval, then automatically combines the high-luminance pixel data from each images to create a single composite image, useful for quickly and accurately producing star trail images, for example.

Quite a lot of the camera's main options, such as image size, sharpness, metering mode and continuous mode, are accessed here, so the Shooting Settings menu has 30 options spread over 3 screens, the Key Custom Options menu has 27 options, and the Setup menu has 40 options. Due to the high-resolution LCD screen and restricting the number of on-screen choices to 10, the various options and icons are clear and legible.

Ricoh are well known for delivering responsive cameras, and the GR II certainly continues in that tradition. The start-up time from turning the Ricoh GR II on to being ready to take a photo is responsive at around 1 second.

Focusing is very quick in good light, with a focusing speed of 0. The camera also happily achieves focus most of the time indoors or in low-light situations, and macro focusing speed is pretty fast too at 0. It takes about 0. In the fastest Continuous mode the camera takes 4 frames per second for an unlimited number of images at the highest JPEG image quality, which is very good for this class of camera. Using the Subject Tracking AF mode, while the shutter-release button is pressed the GR II takes a series of photos and adjusts its focus on the subject at the same time using the external autofocus system, which proves very useful for quick-moving subjects.

Once you have captured a photo, the GR II has a good range of options when it comes to playing, reviewing and managing your images. You can instantly scroll through the images that you have taken, view thumbnails 81 onscreen at once! Level Compensation allows you to correct the contrast and tone of an image after it has been taken, White Balance Compensation the white balance, and Color Moire Compensation usefully removes any artificial color banding. The Skew Correction function alters any photo that was taken at an angle so it appears as if it were taken directly in front of you.

There's even in-camera RAW Development, with 9 different parameters available. Images are automatically rotated during playback to fit the current orientation of the camera. Pushing the Adjust dial instantly displays the image at a previously defined magnification, handy for quickly checking focus.

The White Saturation display mode during image playback indicates over-exposed highlights by flashing those areas on and off. When taking a photo, pressing the Display button toggles between the detailed information, the histogram and gridlines to aid composition.

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